4 Best wedding gift ideas


When wedding season rolls around, it’s good to have a stock of ideas ready for gifting the bride and groom. Giving gifts in encouraged in Islam, and I don’t know about you, but I always feel great after giving someone a gift! Here are 4 ideas to get your gift-giving juices flowing.

Unique wedding gifts

Nothing spells personal like a unique gift that truly reflects the couple you’re gifting. If you’re the crafty or artsy type, hand-making a personalised item for the couple is a great idea. If you’re not blessed with those talents, fret not, you can hire people to help you out! Monogrammed bathrobes, engraved silverware, or his and hers mugs are just some ideas.

Budget wedding gifts

There will come a time in your life where it seems like you have a wedding to attend almost every weekend. Getting gifts for everyone will feel like a burden, but you can go the budget route and still give great thoughtful gifts too! Some ideas include a classy desk clock, scented candle sets, or the ever popular glass tumbler set. Alternatively, why not go the effort route? Organise a surprise housewarming or get-together to welcome your bff’s new partner into your group of friends.

Practical wedding gifts

If the couple you’re gifting is going to be living in their own place soon after the wedding, getting them practical, house related gifts will not only ease their transition, but they’ll think of you every time they use your handy gift. We love the idea of giving re-useable tupperwares for couples who aren’t the cooking type, or small home appliances like a toaster oven or air purifier/oil diffuser will help their new house feel like home in no time.

Easy wedding gifts

Sometimes, you’re pressed for time and don’t get the chance to go shopping. That’s totally okay! Most couples would be more than happy to receive cash or vouchers which they can use at their own discretion for whatever they need. Make it more personal by including a personalised note or letter offering your congratulations and well wishes.

What are some of the best wedding gifts you’ve received or given? Let us know in the comments below!

Tips for the Hijabi Bride on her Big day


A wedding can be a stressful event, especially if you’re a very hands-on kind of bridezilla. After all, it’s only the biggest day of your life and the beginning of a new chapter! There are a gazillion tips out there for your big day, but here are our favourite tips for the hijabi bride on her big day.

Preparation is key

This goes without saying, but preparation is everything. Make sure all major tasks are done at least a week before the wedding so you’re not frazzled with last minute running around and getting things together. Make sure you have a chart of all the wedding tasks detailed out as much as possible and distribute it to your friends and family who are helping out. For the big day, assign a contact person who would know all your vendors and important contact details. Print out copies of your wedding day itinerary too so everyone knows the event flow.

Practice makes perfect

Before your big day, make sure you have tried on your full wedding look – the dress complete with accessories, shoes, and hijab style.Make sure you’re comfortable and know what you will be needing on the actual day, such as socks, inners, pins, etc. Make sure your maid of honour knows where these are kept so she can help you get ready. Practice walking in your shoes to break them in and to get a feel of how to move in your whole outfit. Practice smiling, since you will be doing this a lot!

Old is gold

Although it’s tempting to go totally new and different on your wedding day, try to avoid it if you haven’t practiced yet. Or example, if you’re not used to wearing contact lenses, make sure you practice wearing them well before your wedding so you don’t end up having watery red eyes all day long. Similarly, make sure your makeup artist knows your go-to makeup looks so she doesn’t totally transform you into someone unrecognisable. Remember, bridal makeup is supposed to enhance you, not change you. Avoid going for intensive facial treatments 2 weeks before your wedding, as these may aggravate your skin.


It’s tempting to micromanage your wedding, but please, don’t! If you hired a coordinator, let them know of your concerns and worries, and them trust them to handle it. Ask family and friends for help too, they would be more than happy to help if asked nicely.

Your maid of honour is not just there to look pretty, she’s there to support you and let you shine! Make a list of things you might need reminding of, such as “smile”, “don’t slouch”, or even “make sure i’m holding the bouquet the right way up!”

Tell your photographer ahead of time if you have a “good angle” and “bad angle” so he knows what to avoid and what to accentuate.

Keep calm

The night before your wedding, make sure you have plenty of rest. Apply your fav moisturizer all over your face to wake up with a glowing, soft and smooth canvas.There might be some last minute things that need settling, but let your coordinator or helpers deal with that. Remember not to eat spicy foods too, you wouldn’t want o be running to the toilet every half an hour on your wedding day!

Make lots of du’aa and recite surah al-Inshirah to calm your nerves. Do zikr and empty your mind of all the hustle and bustle and just focus on enjoying and savouring every moment. Leave the morning of your wedding day pretty empty so you are not rushed, and have plenty of buffer time to pace yourself. Minimise distractions by telling your maid of honour to kindly decline people popping in and out of your room while you get ready

When it’s time to emerge, smile, and savour the day! You’re ready to be a queen for the day, and the queen to your husband and family for a lifetime of happiness, insha’Allah

Modern Romance – The Unconventional Hijabi Bride

modern romance - unconventional hijabi bride

Shake it up on your wedding day by choosing the unconventional route. From decor to the dress, there are so many ways you can have stand out wedding that’s different from the rest. Take inspiration from our Modern Romance theme, and become that unconventional hijabi bride.

Inara Treasure Love
Inara Treasure Love
Inara Treasure Kiss
Inara Treasure Kiss
Inara Treasure Grace
Inara Treasure Grace
Inara Precious Kiss
Inara Precious Love
Inara Precious Love
Inara Precious Grace
Inara Precious Grace
Inara Forever Grace
Inara Forever Grace
Inara Forever Kiss
Inara Forever Kiss
Inara Forever Love
Inara Forever Love
Inara Bond
Inara Charm Kiss
Inara Charm Kiss
Inara CharmLove
Inara Charm Love
Inara Charm Grace
Inara Charm Grace
Inara Pure
Inara Pure


Bridesmaids combo deal!


A wedding isn’t complete without your bff’s by your side, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce our special Bridesmaids combo deal! Buy 5 or more of the same hijab (same collection and same colour) and receive 20% off, online or in store! Time to get your squad together, girls! Offer lasts for a limited time only.

The secret to Hijabs that stay put all day long – Najwa Inners


Any dedicated hijabi will tell you the same thing – loose flyaway baby hairs make our lives a living hell! Having to constantly tuck them back in only for them to somehow sneakily find their way out again. Well, say goodbye to your baby hair problems because we have a secret, and it’s called Najwa inner!

Just like how a building cannot stand without a solid foundation, or makeup won’t last without a smooth base, our secret to hijabs that stay in place from dawn to dusk are our inners. Depending on your hijab material, hijab style, and lifestyle, we have the perfect inners to suit your need!


For the practical comfort girl – Najwa Petite

Najwa petiteSoft awning inner with attached loose neck cover. Perfect for neck airy coverage for less opaque hijabs.

If you’re the type that want full neck coverage but hates feeling constricted, Najwa petite is for you. The loose neck cover allows air to flow and keeps you cool, while still providing full coverage. This one is like a mini hijab!

For the stylish fashionista – Najwa Bonnet

Najwa bonnetFeatures a close-fitting soft awning with adjustable tie-back neck cover. Comes with earphone slits.

An inner with a close fitting neck is a staple with fashion savvy hijabis, for the fact that they offer full hair and neck coverage for styles which are loose and adventurous. By wearing Najwa Bonnet, you can style your hijab with confidence. The close fitting neck also means itseasier to pin the hijab to the nape if your style requires it.

For the no-nonsense daily wear – Najwa Softcap

Najwa softcapOur snug softcap inner features a reinforced front band to ensure a perfect fit. Comes with earphone slits

For daily wear nothing beats the simplicity of our softcaps. Snug and lightweight, they feature a reinforced front band for better grip and a perfect fit.

For flexibility and volume – Najwa Necktie

Nakwa neck-tieSimilar to the softcap inner but with one elasticised open end, finished with tie-backs for a more adjustable fit. If you have voluminous hair that won’t fit into our softcaps, or if you just prefer something more flexible, Najwa necktie is the inner for you.

For full coverage – Najwa Midi

Najwa midiSnug soft awning inner featuring a neck cover with elasticised strip at the back of the neck. Comes with earphone slits.

If you want a close fitting neck but dont want to have to tie it up, or don’t prefer the open back like najwa bonnet, Najwa Midi is for you






Bride-to-be Contest!


Calling all brides-to-be! Here’s your chance to win something not only for yourself, but for your bridesmaids too! Celebrating our modern romance theme this month, we want you to share your #TPRelationshipgoals stories with us.

One lucky bride-to-be with the most touching/interesting story will win ONE bridal Hijab, plus 10 bridesmaid hijabs, and ONE facial session at Hannan Medispa Damansara, all worth up to RM1000.

If you’re not a bride-to-be but know someone who is, you can enter on their behalf simply by sharing their story too!

Terms and conditions

  1. Share this photo on your instagram and caption it with your (or your friends’)  #TPRelationshipGoals story
  2. Make sure your account is public and don’t forget to tag us and use the #TPRelationshipGoals hashtag so we can see your entry
  3. Unlimited entries allowed
  4. ONE winner will be chosen based on the most interesting story
  5. Winner will receive ONE Inara or Inaya of their choice, ONE facial session at Hannan Medispa Damansara, and 10 bridesmaids scarves of their choice (subject to stock availability)
  6. Winner will be announced by the end of February
  7. TudungPeople reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice