The ultimate lazy hijabi cheat sheet

The Ultimate Lazy Hijabi Cheat Sheet

Yep, we’ve all been there. Late nights that turn into overslept mornings, or insane Monday blues and horrible hump days. There are some days where you just can’t be bothered/don’t have the energy/don’t have time to perfectly iron your whole outfit. You throw on your favourite abaya, because who has time to pick out a whole look, right? We totally understand! Here’s our ultimate cheat sheet for the lazy hijabi to get you out the door in a flash

The Lazy Hijabi Cheat Sheett (1)

1. Hang up your hijabs

While folding hijabs maximises space and probably lets you organise them better, we prefer hanging them up, especially right after washing. Leaving your hijabs to hang lets gravity do the work and reduces the need to iron your hijabs every time. A little clever styling might even be able to hide the few fold creases for more sensitive fabrics, so you can even get away with no ironing at all!

2. Go print and pattern crazy

While basic colour hijabs are a staple in every girls wardrobe, I personally swear by prints. Not only are they fun and colourful, (so they can spruce up a boring outfit) but also because of the different colours, they can match more outfits too! Versatile and cost effective! But the best part about prints is that they hide those wrinkles so well. Unless you’re really OCD or you’re just looking for a bone to pick, no one would even notice you’re wearing a hijab you just pulled out of your closet. Lazy Hijabi WIN

3. Choose ironless materials

This one is a bit of a no-brainer, for obvious reasons. Imagine a morning where you didn’t have to worry about ironing at all. Oh, the things you could do with those precious extra minutes! A little extra snooze action? A proper breakfast? The possibilities are endless!

4. Play with textures

Textured materials, whether subtle or full on, have a nifty way of disguising fine wrinkles as part and parcel of the material itself. The textures trick the eye by blending creases into folds and drapes. Optical illusions for the win!

Shop textured hijabs

5. Go instant and pinless

Figuring out WHAT to wear is already a headache – now you have to figure out HOW you want to style your hijab too?? Cross that off the list by choosing instant hijabs. There are so many options out there for any kind of look you want to achieve – from double loops to slip and twist to plain old simple pullovers. Just pop them on and voila! Ready in less than a minute *flips hijab*

Shop instant Hijabs here

What are your fav lazy-day hijab tips? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, check out our Ironless Materials 101 post here!


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