How to make your workout more fun and meet your goals

1. Get the right gear

Working out is one more excuse to go shopping! While we do advocate not going overboard especially if you’re just starting out, it is essential to get some basic gear to make your workout more comfortable. A pair of supportive shoes, lightweight workout clothes, and a comfortable sports hijab are top of our list!

2. Rally your friends

The more the merrier! It’s hard to be motivated when you’re all alone but having friends not only means you’re more likely to keep to your workout schedule (because who likes a flake?) But you can also encourage and cheer on one another.

3. Pump it up

Get your favourite tracks and put on those earphones! Working out to music not only distracts you from your fatigue, it can also make you go further. Every time you feel like quitting, tell yourself you’ll work out just til the next song!

If music isn’t your thing, try listening to podcasts that interest you instead.

4. Track your progress

There are a million and one fitness tracking apps available out there. You can go for the basics which simply track your speed and progress, or try something a bit more fun! One of our favourites is “Zombies, Run!” which makes your runs into a survival game


5. Change it up

If you have a treadmill at home which has become your official towel hanger, or a gym membership which you only keep in an attempt to stop feeling guilty – then we suggest getting out of your norm and get a chage of air. It’s too easy to get bored running while looking at the same wall. Change it up by visiting your local parks. Make it a challenge to list down all the parks near you and try one every week. Alternatively, if you’re bored of working out outside, why not try changing it up by mixing in different activities? Instead of swimming twice a week, why not try running/zumba/cycling once a week too?

What are your fav tips, kitties?

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