Najwa Essential Inner Series Campaign

Real change starts from within, and begins with the essentials ?.

Thinking of starting to wear hijab this holy month ? ? Start your journey with the essential inner, Najwa. Let go of your worries, and feel the lightness of freedom this Ramadan ?
. . . . .
Perubahan bermula dari hati dan didahului dengan perkara asas ?. Mahu mula memakai hijab pada bulan yang mulia ini ? ? Mulakan hijrah hijab anda dengan inner Najwa. Usah risau dan rasai kebebasan permulaan baru anda di Ramadan ini ?.
. . . .
What is Najwa?

Najwaa is one of our new #TPEssential Collection. Made of cooling cotton lycra, Najwaa inner will make you feel like you’re wearing nothing underneath your shawl.

Available in 3 styles:
1⃣ Soft cap (without neck cover) 2⃣ Bonnet (adjustable neck cover) 3⃣ Petite (loose neck cover)
ℹ️ Slits at the ears allows easy access for earphones/stethoscopes
ℹ️ Available in 5 colors each

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