TP Travel tips: Packing

Your boss has approved your leave, you’ve booked the plane tickets, scored the perfect AirBnB and found a great tour package. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of you and that long awaited holiday! Well, except for one thing: PACKING. Love it or absolutely hate it, this activity is bound to put a bit of stress into your trip.

To simplify the process and reduce your headache, here are our top tips on how to pack, so you can get it out of the way and get back to focusing on having fun as soon as possible!

Make a packing list

Making a packing list is the first step to wrangling the packing headache. Our favourite trick is to mentally run through a typical day, making note of all the things you typically use. Once you have a rough list, separate it into categories (essentials, clothes, electronics, etc) so you can keep track of what you still need to buy/pack. Alternatively, you can download packing lists online and tailor them to your preference and travel style

Packing list

Plan your outfits

Planning your outfits according to the activities/places you’ll be doing each day makes it easier to see where you can mix and match. It also shows you what you’re bringing too much of and what you are missing (more inners is always on our list!). Make sure you check the weather forecast at the place you’re going so you don’t get caught in a cold spell with no thick clothes, or in a warm break with winter clothes on!

Planning your outfits


By packing in compartments such as packing cubes or hijab travel bags, you can sort your items so they are easier to find and keep track of. You can choose to pack by day, or if you are mixing and matching outfits between days, you can pack by type, for example, bottoms, tops, scarves, undies, and pajamas. Compartmentalising also keeps your bag tidy even after a few days on the roads, as everything has it’s dedicated space and they’re not all jumbled up in your big suitcase. Whether you choose to roll your items or fold them, compartmentalising also saves space as you can really cram everything in!

Downsize your toiletries

Not only are large bottles heavy and bulky, there’s a higher risk of them being stopped at airport security or even spilling during flights. Buy travel sized toiletries or travel bottles which you can refill. To minimise the risk of spilling, wrap the tops of the bottles with cling film.

Get a sturdy lightweight bag, and personalise

Airlines are getting more and more strict about luggage allowances, especially budget airlines. Getting a lightweight luggage can save you the kgs, giving you more space to pack essentials. Personalise your luggage with fun stickers, tags, or labels so it stands out and doesn’t accidentally get picked up by the wrong person at the luggage belt.

lightweight luggage personalised

Bring a foldable duffle bag

A lightweight foldable duffle bag is a lifesaver for so many reasons. You can use it to pack your dirty laundry on the trip home, or, if you’re the shopping type, you can free up space in your main luggage for the many souvenirs and treasures you collected along your travels. Just make sure it’s sturdy! Duffle bags with slots at the back allow you to slide the bag and secure it on top of your trolley luggage, so it is easy to carry around.

Foldable duffel bag

Bring a pen

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting in a long line before customs to fill out forms when there are only a few pens available and so many passengers waiting too! Bring a cheap black  or blue ballpoint pen so you can fill out forms in flight or at the counter and skip the crowd.

What are your favourite packing hacks? Let us know in the comments below! You could win yourself a brand new TP Hijab travel bag absolutely free! (Terms & conditions apply)

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    • Izatul natasha

      My best travel tips would be wear all the heavy clothes that u wanted to wear. For example coats and jeans. This would save space and also save your money from buying extra luggage check in. I always struggling travel during winter, but once I know this tips, it made me love winter trip so much. And I would love to share this with everybody so that we can save space and can bring lot of tudung people whe travelling . xoxo

  • Anisah

    My ULTIMATE travel hack is to bring ironless clothes! Bring plain black/white/neutral tops and pants so that you can easily match it with different colored scarves. Because, who are we kidding, we wanna look like we’ve got different clothes for every single day that we’re on holiday! And it’ll look nice that we have different colored scarves on when we’re taking pictures for different days.

  • Anisah

    My ULTIMATE travel hack is to bring ironless clothes! Bring plain black/white/neutral tops and pants so that you can easily match it with different colored scarves. Because, who are we kidding, we wanna look like we’ve got different clothes for every single day that we’re on holiday! And it’ll look nice that we have different colored scarves on when we’re taking pictures for different days.

  • Raihana

    I would sayyyyyy downsize your toiletriesssss!

    Ahaha it’s so much fun to repack in smaller colorful cases, and (play) with em labelsss. Lol. I sound weird but yeahhh.

    Haha. Thanks for tha tipsss! *and the baggg ???

    Raihana Ahmad Jalaluddin

  • @zack_yem

    My fav is The online packing list! This is brilliant. Why didnt i think of that before! ? I always hav problem to pack my bags that I think to pack the whole house ?? thanks f the tips, TP!

  • Siti Azwa Akbar Ali

    Salam ladies,
    Who doesn’t love travelling? But the packing hassle at the end of the holiday just makes us sigh. Well, my best tip for you all out there would be bringing a cloth laundry bag. Yeah! Once, you used the clothes, you can just chunk all the dirty clothes inside! You wouldn’t want to mix all the souvenirs with your dirty clothes don’t you? That would be just gross, yuck! Hope this helps 😉

  • Daiana Ibrahim

    Slot in my shoes in shower caps + using a mini size Tupperware called midget + insert it with a sponge for putting the pins/brooch/safety pins ?. Used recycle bottle (smallest that i can get) to put my ‘healthy’ juice.

  • Farhah (IG : @farhahzm)

    I’d actually watch “5-minutes crafts” or the “Bright Side” videos on how to save space to really cram everything in ? as I do have a lot of things that I “need” to bring along ? Plus, the duffle bag and a pen are “necessities”!

  • Miera Asyiekin

    Definitely roll my clothes and plan ahead what I’m gonna wear! This two tips always work well with me (never failed me in fact ?) and I end up being known as the best person who travel light among my friends! Lol.

    @mierasyiekin /

  • Amalina Farhana

    Really love this idea, im also thinking of having few hijab bag (coz packing cube is soo boring..) so that I can pack each OOTD per bag. Its make me easy to unpack and repack coz all used clothes will be on its own bag afterwards… who need laundry bag with this idea?!

    P/S: we need more colors to differentiate OOTD 1, 2, 3 and so on !!!

    IG : amalyna_88

  • Siti Azwa Akbar Ali

    Salam ladies,
    Who doesn’t love travelling? But the packing hassle at the end of the holiday just makes us sigh. Well, my best tip for you all out there would be bringing a cloth laundry bag. Yeah! Once, you used the clothes, you can just chunk all the dirty clothes inside! You wouldn’t want to mix all the souvenirs with your dirty clothes don’t you? That would be just gross, yuck! Hope this helps ?

  • Nadia

    Hi TudungPeople! I know you probably do this for all your vacation but my favourite travel tip is to always bring a small health kit/bag that can fit into your handbag. There’s nothing wrong with preparing an umbrella (or raincoat) before the rain drops! Hope this helps! Xoxo

  • nurfarhanaembong

    I always have a toilettries set in small size special used during travel.
    For my outfit, head to toe must be ironless. Safaa and Najwa sport are my bestfriend during travel.
    All clothes will be arranged according to the day using the organizer bag. Life remains organized even you are away from home. ?

    IG username: nurfarhanaembong

  • Ainaa31

    My packing tricks
    1. Put bulky clothes at the bottom such as jean and fill with others then wrap the jean over the other clothes

    2. Roll clothes.

    3. Bring thin but comfy clothes.

    4. Put toiletries in small bottles

    5. Bring clothes that doesn’t require ironing such as Muna shawl!

  • aidasbrn

    Been doing this for years haha. Whenever i travel (not alone bcs my mom wont let me), i’ll choose the tudung colours for my travel partner, the colours that can masuk like semua baju, so senang nak pinjam and boleh tukar tukar or pinjam hers hahaha. But ever since i’m studying abroad, i travel alone, so selalu bawa tudung tak payah iron tapi sebab my face bulat so i always go with yang dah iron tapi avoid lipat bahagian yang kita nak centerkan dekat muka, yang part lilit tak kisah sebab nanti ambil gambar elakkan ambil angle yang nampak kusut tu haha.
    Okay last one, always buat draft to travel like pergi mana apa semua, stick to it, but not 100%, stick dalam 55% macam tu, so that the 45%, boleh get lost (sesatkan diri) and then the adventure starts sebab you’ll get to discover places people dont go and and adore His creations and then sambil tu boleh muhasabah diri hehe.

  • nurfarhanaembong

    I always have a toilettries set in small size special used during travel.
    For my outfit, head to toe must be ironless. Safaa and Najwa sport are my bestfriend during travel.
    All clothes will be arranged according to the day using the organizer bag. Life remains organized even you are away from home. ?

    IG username: nurfarhanaembong

  • Vee

    I will normally bring a day’s worth of clothes to a shopping trip, and i’ll just wear the new clothes after that.
    For non-shopping trip, i’ll try to bring clothes that are wrinkle free.

    But here comes the hack.
    Well, we all love to get glam up, and sometimes, we get a little frustrated when our clothes are wrinkled up, or have folding lines..don’t we? Or is it just me?
    What i do is..
    1. i sprinkle water onto the clothes. The blouse or shawl for example. Or just wet them. Jangan perah. Jemur under kipas. (This will only work if u have kipas in ur room lah)
    2. I sangkut the blouse to a hanger, place it behind the bathroom door. Have a nice HOT shower. The steam from ur bath will take care of everything. Yes, you are welcome.

    @heyazue_ /

  • nslaila

    assalamualaikum everyone!

    reading this post and feeling excited to travel again and again!

    i am going to backpack to India soon and travel tips/packing hacks help me a lot!!

    my most favourite packing hacks is bring less, light and ironless clothes/shawl/etc.

    i always bring light clothes (didnt like winter season because hate to wear thick clothes). so i did not use so many spaces in my bag (more space for shopping items!).

    or i buy clothes there! of course the affordable ones for a backpacker traveller like me!

    instagram: @nslaila

  • Tunku Mariaty

    1.Pack in a change of clothes into ziplock bags .. 1 for each of your family, especially the kids. Re-use these ziplock bags when you take the kids out to theme Parks once you reach your destination .
    2. Bring extension wire/cable! So very important for all the handphones and cameras and gadgets.

    Travel hack for muslims using toilets without water inlet:
    Keep at least 1 of your mineral bottle with you for pipe water. Especially when kids needs to do big business. Worse case scenario, teach children to flush and use the water flushing at the side of toilet to wash off. Repeat until clean.

  • amalinaathman

    Put loose wires in a sunglasses case to avoid messy tangles with various wires. Oh since we’ll have little pouch in TP Hijab Travel Bag, not only pin and accessories, we also can roll the wires tightly and put it in there. So, it won’t allow them to move around.

    Ig name : amalinaathman

  • anis nadiah

    my best travel hack is that put your rechargeable batteries in the fridge!!!!! if you want to keep your batteries fresher & full of juice for longer, bung them in the hostel fridge with your food bcus most rechargeable batteries retain 90% of their full charge when kept in cold temperatures, meaning you dont need to charge them as often.


    instagram: anisndiahazian

  • Athirahlani

    My travel hack would be rolls in all matchy outfits including scarf and socks by day. So I can save space to put my toiletries bag. But I can help that crumpy roll line on my outfits and need to iron ?

    Ig: @athirahlani

  • Aisyah Syahirah Bt Mohd Ibrahim

    would love to plan my outfit early a week before going somewhere ! haha and always choose ironless clothes or scarf so it will be easier . bring my tp scarf of course ! and my charger hp so that i can always ootd with tp scarf and upload it on my ig and tagging TP is a must !

  • Mardhiah Suprang

    Here’s one from me. For those going on a winter wonderland holiday and need to bring extra winter coats for whatever reasons, put them in a large ziploc bag, flatten and vacuum the air out of the bag (or step on it to let the air out if there’s no vacuum), roll it up and place it at the bottom of your luggage! It won’t take up that much space in your luggage and once you return from the holiday, you can just stow away the coats in the bags to prevent the coats from getting dusty til when you need to use it again on your next winter trip!


  • Basyirah

    My fav travel hack would be, bringing simple toiletries in visible ziplock (hand carry) which include toothbrush, mini toothpaste, cleanser and small perfume. Not to forget some common pills like panadol and zyrtec. This is because i always travel to australia and nz ??‍♀️ hence the airport security is stringent. Besides, i prepare back up; one set of clothes (from top to bottom) in hand luggage, just in case (especially when its not a direct flight) ? it feels better when we take bath at the airport and keep ourselves fresh! Thus, we can really enjoy the trip! Last but not least, download packing apps!
    Oh, it works wonder! You are just a click away from ur preferred packing list! No hassle!

    TP fans

    Insta: basyirahibaturahman

  • Nur hidayah

    Well for me, I always choose ironless blouses, pants and shawls to be wear while travelling. It saves me a lot of time! And instead of folding my clothes, I will roll it up. Usually while travelling, I will bring one of two lipsticks that can also be used as blusher and eyeshadow. Well, we still want to look on point while travelling, right girls? So, a multipurpose lipsticks will always help in minimalize my things. Uh oh, one more thing, I will always choose to bring a natural color shawls that will easily match with any of my blouse color ?
    Ig: noorniey

  • Nuraina Raihana

    Absolutely I love the hack of plan your outfits. In every single picture we took when we travel is the most memorable. So outfit of the day completely fit for the picture. Also the compartmentalise! Thanks for the tips! I surely follow your tips. Never thought of that. Love ?

    IG : @raihanaina
    Email :

  • Azura Binti Mohamad Azmir

    Sooo true on all the tips given! Thank you TP ! So now it’s my turn teehee~ altho we do have a lot tips in common but my most major is by packing several ironless tudungs for my journey; material just like your HAWA. Simple beautiful yet fuss free~ Drapes stunningly as though I had ironed it for months but the truth, it’s been in my travel bag ever since! Hahahaha. Secondly is by multitasking my beauty products, I would normally just bring one nudish pink shade of lip cream to use as my lip colour and also as a blusher, oh and also for that hint of rosy glow on my cheeks! Works like heaven! Anyways cheers on the new launch of the gorgeous TP travel bag , can’t wait to get my hands on it for uhh, free? Hehehe *wink wink*

    Ig username : azureazmir (:
    Email :

  • Syafinas Semawi

    Experience is something you cannot buy, and I agree! Be it travelling for works or holidays,aite.. I love how TP shares all the tips cause all of them are useful oh my god! Literally, listing things down can help in making you organised. I always,always do that or else I might left things behind! Also, organising things to each compartments literally will save our time,making our bags looking all organised and easy for us to look for things,right? And carrying pen around? IT WILL SAVE YOU FROM HASSLE,I SWEAR. I carry it everywhere I go. Don’t forget to label your bags too! ❤️ Talking about experience, luckily my dad labelled his luggage when he accidentally left it in the airport. Bag managed to be retrieved back luckily!

    Anyway,, I’d love to share some tips with all my ladies out there. My mother taught me which I have followed everytime I pack,

    1. Roll your clothes. It will make more space.
    2. Always,always carry plastic bags/laundry bags in case you gotta put your dirty clothes or anything.
    3. Another option in packing the clothes would be plan your clothes for days, then put in the vacuum bag ( you can get it from daiso or other places, just simply vacuum the bag after you pack it according to each days). Voila, another way to save up more spaces in your bag!
    4. Carry a toiletries bag. The best if you can carry the bag made from plastic, since it can prevent any leakages from spilling to our clothes. We definitely got no time for that! ?
    5. Like TP said, bring small size/travel size toiletries.
    6. Make up wipes! Carry this around so you can remove all your make up easily, whenever,wherever. Sometimes might want to perform our prayers at the places we are visiting or maybe when you are too tired and too lazy to get rid of the make up before bed. Just few swipes, and you are ready to go!
    7. Bring a med beg. We do not know what might happen so always carry around some minyak angin or your meds,okay ladies?

    Glad that I can read all the tips shared by all and shared mine too. Hehhe. Hope it helps! Till then, everyone!

    Ig : Syafinassemawi
    Email :

  • Zuyyin Nadhirah

    My ultimate travel hack is of course to just bring thin and super duper comfy clothes. It will save more space than we imagine! Plus ironless shawl and clothes will help as well, save up our time. My fav also to always compartmentalist, it will always keep you tidy and organize which I love the most ? By having TP travel bag will help me the most in organizing all my tudungs! @zuyyinnadhirah

  • Mira Ezwany

    Packing tips:-
    1. Roll, dont fold. Gives more space in the luggage
    2. Pick hijab colours that can match most of your outfit
    3. One nighty is enough i.e. kaftan/baju kelawar ?
    4. Disposable panties. No need washing, simply chuck them after.


    ig: @oimira

  • Ummi Shaqilah binti Zainal

    My packing hacks same with TP but the additional hacks are :
    1. to always put all my shoes in seal vacuum plastic bag to avoid any bad smells in my bags and also to put ‘baju kotor’ to not mix with the clean one.
    2. Roll the clothes for less wrinkles. Ironless clothes are so recommended for travels.
    3. Bring any novels or any books to fill your time on plane or along the journey.
    4. Minimize all my body, skincare, makeups which is the hardest part but mesti kalau tak nak bawak semua?
    5. And always yakin when plan the outfit stick to it and avoid this ‘ehh tak sure nak pakai yang ni ke yang ni’ instinct because this can make you bring more clothes and lower the space.
    Btw, The idea to put tag on bag is good because i always tertukar bag with my siblings as we bought the same colour for the whole family. So i will put a tag with my picture on it ?
    ig: ummishaqilah

  • Afiqah Amirah

    I normally hate it when it comes to packing my bag. But what I normally do is to decide on each day what am I going to wear. This will help you to save a lot of space. And I’ll make sure to have a set of clothes just for emergency inside my hand carry backpack together with a toothbrush ?

    Ig name : _mirahassan_
    Email :


    Assalamualaikum and hi Tudung People,
    My packing tips would be choosing the outfits to wear for each day and of course I will minimize the number of pieces to bring by mixing and matching the outfits. While for the arrangement, I will pack it by type (blouses, inners, pants, scarves, socks) to make it easier for me to pull it out when I need it and for sure less mess ! hehe. And I’ll not forget the laundry bag for the dirty clothes. Also a mini handy iron to iron my clothes and of course the scarves too depending on what did I bring along. Last but not least, extension wires to ease everyone charging their phones, powerbank, camera batteries etc. since there will always limited number of socket right ?

  • Dyana Ismanu


    Omg I agree with most of the tips! Compartmentalising is so important when traveling. It makes your life way easier and more organized when unpacking during your stay on the trip. I’d say having a pen everywhere you go will come in handy. It’s when you don’t have it with you that you will realize how much you need it.

    I do have a habit of rolling my clothes instead of folding them, which I think allows me to have that extra space for more clothes, ahaks! And if I have my own TP Hijab Travel Bag, I bet I will still roll my shawls in it so I can bring more with me (you know, just in case, you’ll never know when you’re gonna need a certain shawl for a certain occasion).

    I know less is more but you can never go less with clothes. Teehee~

    IG: @dyanaismanu

    (excuse my unprofessional email address, I mainly use it for online games and shopping so nobody knows it’s me =_=” )

  • rizizamberi

    My travel tip:

    1. Ziplock is a life-saver!
    Compartmentalised your cables/wires/plugs in one ziplock, your toiletries in one, your sanitary pads/pantiliners in one, and others. Ziplock is transparent so you can see what’s inside without the need to open the bag and it is waterproof!

    2. For lightweight travel, always opt to natural/pastel color of shawls so that you can match it with any outfit that you brought or newly bought outfit.

    Ig: rizizamberi

  • Amirah Husna Azman

    Definitely planning what scarf to match with clothes, rolling all the bajus make it fit in one luggage. I also will bring planner and pen to make and tick all the checklist places wanna go. Besides, all the toiletries include shampoo, body shop, cleanser, toner, face mask because I need to make sure my face fresh during travelling without any pimple haha. Not to forget, starch to my scarf is a must to make sure my scarf always on point ?

    Amirah Husna Azman

  • Norfatin Suraya

    My travel hacks would always be to plan what outfits I should wear during the travel periods AHEAD of time, which means I would pack accordingly to what ive planned all complete from top to bottom and arrange it in one set, only then would I put in into the luggage. Such way would allow me to cut out the unnecessary and actually leave more room in the luggage for the extra might/might not be necessary stuffs ? also, second hack is alway to roll your clothes like a good roll buns instead of folding it and stack it one after another! rolling the clothes definitely saves up lots of space in the luggage and I can guarantee you that ?

    Love and kisses,
    Fatin ?

    Instagram: @norfatinsuraya

  • Fariza

    My travel tips that I do is to always, always have one set of clothes in our hand carry bag, in case our luggage goes missing in any unfortunate event.

    And my favourite tips from TP is the compartmentalise bit, cause I always do that to the point that I can reach and take out my things even without looking!

  • Nurezzah Liyana

    Among all of the hacks given, it is quite hard to pick one favorite. But if I must choose, I would go with the bring a pen.

    It sounds so simple but this is the one hack that I always practice. It makes a lot of things easier. And for some reason, I end up being the one who has to write everyone’s customs card.

    IG : nurezzahliyana

  • Nur Farihah

    my fav travelling hacks of all time is – kain batik!!
    1. somes hostel / hotel did not provide towel or only provide face towel for the guests . so i used kain batik to dry me up. this is always happend when i travelled to Korea or Japan.
    2. kain batik also can be my savior if i am running out of seluar tido. i can sleep safe and sound with my kain batik
    3. i also used my kain batik as a blanket when i travelled by bus from istanbul to cappadocia. the aircond is too cold and again, kain batik being my life savers.

    My kain batik is not bulky, but too light and can be compressed easily to my travelling cube ❤❤

    my IG : nurfarihah_matzain

  • Dhaniyah Ridzuan

    Assalamualaikum everyone.

    This is the best topic to talk and share about since i just got back from travel in Turkey.

    I have always love packing but to unpack those clothes is another story haha.

    My travel hack is that I will always match clothes with tudung & shoes for each ootd. And place it inside the ziplock bag, sealed & vacuum to ensure that i do have enough space in the luggage.

    Last time I roll every clothes that i’ll bring in the luggage.

    For shoes, I always find it useful to cover it with a showercap. If you bring more than two, try to slip one pair under another (save space!)

    Malaysian will always be Malaysian. I also include “susu pekat” in a small bottle with a travel pack of milo for me to have breakfast at the hotel hahah.

    An empty bottle from home to make sure if there’s emergency like well yknow.. no water in the public toilet or to some country they dont have water pipe like Malaysia (make sure you refill the bottle once you arrived)

    Travel multipurpose converter extension for charger etc is a must bring item! we can use it in any country we are going!

    What does photo means without a camera? And a camera cannot live without it partner “batteries”. I bring more than 3 batteries, just incase..

    Oh i dont want to make it long but I do make a checklist of what item i’ll bring for travel. Call me old school but this helps a lot!

    Try it yourself, with a checklist you can minimise the item from priority to least priority until it become unnecessary to bring.


  • Nur Farah Asyiqin Hamdan

    My favourite travel hack would be having one size fit all pouch bag. I even sewn one so that I can put my necessities such as mini telekung and basic make-up items in one place so that nothing is left behind and would be easy to put inside my handbag.

    And also I like bring plain colour clothes to match with the same tudung on different days as it helps me to travel light and minimal.

    Email: asyiqin.hamdan@gmail.con
    IG: asyiqinhamdan

  • Nur Athirah Abdul Aziz

    Being a student who travel overseas always having a problem when it comes to packing so much stuff to bring . Even when you have to travel during winter/summer break makes you even having a migraine to pack all those stuff in minimal luggage kilos ?.

    So, my ULTIMATE tips for making you travel less stress and more fun before doing it are :

    1)Pick up the lightest luggage if possible . It helps a lot to reduce the kilos haha .

    2)And I used to pack with many tiny plastic bags so that I can settle my clothes mostly by folding and rolling it as minimum as you can . Tudung is a MUST right ? So I will choose my fav one to bring and I will wear it on the day that I think I will have a good memory . (its true last time during my last trip to NZ, i wear Aisyaaa TP okay during road trip from Christchurch to Queenstown and its freaking good because selesa kannnn ) . I really need a good Tudung bag like this good organizer from TP so that it will makes my tudung easier to organize later on ?.

    3)I used to wear the most heaviest attire during depature haha no kidding. Because I think it helps much to reduce the kilos hahaha. I mean you can wear your jeans / jacket during flight no harm haha

    4)Alwayss put pen in you sling bag/backpacker . Doing all stuff before you landed much easier than you have to queue longgggg and settle that things .

    5)All the toileteries you can make it in a small tiny bottles so that you dont have to bring along many things in your bag right .

    6)Remember to bring an extra plastic to put your dirty clothes ??

    7)If possible you can used a sling bag more easier you can put your passport and all your belonging near to you . Because travel anything can happen right ?

    8)Bring your medication / emergency num in your phone . Prevention is better than cure.

    9)Powerbank , camera, mp3 fully charged and make sure it function well ?

    10)Lock your beg , checklist prioritize what you really need and here we are ready to travel around the world . Hoho .

    Hope this help.
    Happy travelling TP-kitties ❤️

    Love ,
    Athirah Aziz
    IG : athirahabdaziz

  • Nurul Nadiah

    My travel tips:
    Always Bring a Sarong!
    Sarongs can be used as a wrap when you are cold, a towel, a thin blanket, or a piece of clothing that can be worn dozens of different ways! And just in case if your trousers/jeans are washed and still wet, you can wear the sarong in the meantime 😉

    IG: nadiahariffin

  • Nurul Anna

    *bookmarking this page for my future travels hehe*

    My ultimate packing hack is:


    I could never thank the person who invented these organizers enough. No matter if your roll or fold (tried both), my clothes will always fits in them. They separate my needs accordingly and greatest part is, there will be no mess in your luggage/backpack! Thank God TP came up with pink hijab bag, it will suit my pink organizers really well ? Safe travels everyone!

  • Nastasha Sam

    my fav travelling hack is definitely SHAMPOO!!!! its a surprise but most shampoo can be used as detergent. even the oily stains of curry can be doused with it. at least 80% stain reduction!!! hehe. but otherwise from TP list, i’ll bring a pen and my journal everywhere. Simply because i just love doodling and jotting things down. Had a feeling if i win this pouch bag, its gonna end up as my stationary + journal + planner bag.

    Ig : fnastasha

  • Dayana Hazwani binti Mohd Suadi Nata

    Salam and Hi Tudung People!

    It doesn’t matter the length of the trip, the most important thing is plan ahead with the checklist. Accident can happen anywhere.My ultimate hack to always get ready for small medical kit during travel. It must contain the band aids,antiseptic, paracetamol, medicine for stomach (diarrhea),ointment,itch relief and cold medicine. When I saw the TP post on new product (TP hijab organizer) ,Im really want it. It’s looking good and functional tools to keep the medical kit together with the hijab! Therefore, it will help to reduce the space of my bag?
    ig: @dayanahazwani

  • Dya

    I love the idea of comparmentalise…It’s a saver for my upcoming trips.Previously,always carry the iron in my luggage. Definitely will save a lot of space for shopping.. ?? .Thank you for wonderful tips TP!!
    ig: @i. am. der


    I love the idea of Compartmentalise.

    My travel outfit will be packed in different pouch or if i need more space, all the outfit will be compressed into the vacuum bag! ?

    Just like my outfit, all my TP shawls need a travel bag so that i dont compress it in a vacuum bag.

    Thank you TP for launching this new travel bag.
    Definitely will compartmentalise my shawl in a better way ❤

    Email :
    IG : ilha.emira

  • Farah Nadhirah

    My ultimate travel hacks would be rolling my clothes and to bring ironless clothes n shawls (tho i failed everytime cuz the
    nicest ones always need to be ironed ?) there’s also a compartment on top of the luggage, with zipper, if you can imagine what i’m trying to say?, i would usually stash my innerwear there too?

    Anyways, thanks for these TP travel tips! Will definitely use them on my next trip this coming May?

    IG: @farahnady
    Email: farahfullstop[at]

  • Nuraliah

    Salam and hi Tudung People!

    For me, the best travel tip or hack is the second one which is PLAN YOUR OUTFITS. It is the best tips because it makes me feel more excited when matching the outfits while packing (because i can imagine myself in that outfit?). Besides, it becomes easier for me to just pick that outfit and wear it without thinking hard to mix and match while travelling (time is ticking and i might lose some of interesting place!). Plus, I can check whether the outfit is suitable with the place and weather. May Allah bless me by giving me the new TP Hijab Travel Bag for free! ???

    Email :
    Instagram : nraliahnzm

  • Nor Azah Mahizan

    When I was little, my sisters used to pack my things and everything fits and must fits into ☝? one hand-luggage. But now, reaching the mid 20s, Alhamdulillah, I made it to travel to Krabi, Thailand ?? & Seoul, South Korea ?? successfully thanks to this one good tip.

    Always, always, always bring light clothes on your luggage (need sweaters? wear them on your flight or wrap it up on your waist! #airportfashion101?). If you travel to overseas, and in planning to shopping (yass girl, i know) make sure, you just fill 50%-70% of your luggage and leave the rest empty. The emptied space could be filled with your shopping items (I did this when I travelled to Seoul, alright) ! Oh, don’t forget! Bring foldable bags, green bags, or extra plastics bags /your own laundry bag with you, bcuz you never know when a country you travelled doesn’t provide you with those items when you need them at most ? (my ibu forever traveling-tips since I was kid).

    Last but not least, always reach or contact your family members upon your arrival on your travelling destination if you travel solo or just with your ladies or pack . Tell them you’re safely arrived there, and maybe send them the first view that captures your eyes ? to be shared with your family so that they know your safe. At least, that’s the functional safety of socmed you could share with your loved ones ♥️❤️♥️❤️

    IG: _azhmhzan

  • Fatin Hanafiyah

    What I like about travelling is that I get to do according to what I wanna do (whether its planned or spontaenous) and that includes packing. To me, as daunting as it may seem requiring efforts and what not… I think packing is fun as I get to look forward to my trip even more! So my favourite travel tip for packing is I have to say its gotta be
    the art of compartmentalise! I always categorize which clothes goes with which and where to put. For example, I’d roll up my socks into smaller size balls and put them at the bottom part to fill in of those “tiny” little bit of empty space. For shawls,pins and brooces I’d put them together in a smaller pouch just enough for the trip and tolietries – downsize them into a small pouch . This way each of the items have their own “seats” for the trip in my luggage hahaha! And as silly this would sound, I believe our clothes and things deserve a proper arrangement too, just much as we would like to be seated properly in the aircraft. But basically its beneficial to know where each of the items are located at and easy to find them quickly. Need a quick tudung-change during the transit? Just grab that hijab bag, no biggy! See what I mean? Hehe easy as A B C 🙂

  • Aliah

    1. Just bring a small face towel.
    2. Pick an AirBnB that’s sure to provide toiletries, kitchen pantry, all the necessities u need.
    3. Don’t bring any food and make ur own toast for breakfast everyday instead, because Brahims and Maggi are sure to occupy space and kgs.
    4. Bring thin clothes, wear thin winter jacket, or bring only 1 thick black one onboard with you, cause black is universal and it’s more important to bring 10 scarves! or if you need a new jacket, don’t buy beforehand cause for sure they sell it cheaper over there.
    5. Pack all the only necessary medicines like painkillers and stomachache relievers cause you don’t wanna bring the whole pharmacy with you and you don’t wanna spend at the pharmacy there either.
    6. Just make sure to download all your favorite movies and set up your favourite playlist so you don’t get bored on the long hour flight. Road trip does sounds better with music right? Just don’t forget the earphones!

    Here are a few extra tips in mind. TP’s duffle bag tip is my favorite cause travel and shopping just can’t be separated!

    IG: @ellileeee

  • wana


    I am known as someone who is fast at packing. I have already planned a list of outfits and how many hijabs im going to bring during travel before i start packing. I like to travel light, so most of the clothes i always bring don’t require much ironing – not to mention TP hawa and nluxe (favs!). And i always have my skincare products in travel sizes, all to fit in one backpack!


  • Raja Nadiahtul Nadirah

    I choose to compartmentalise. Since I’m quite a backpacker, (a trollipacker will suits me i think.. haha) I need to ensure all my things being packed inside my luggage especially when I need to travel for longer time (The longest is around 12 days). You know, women got much2 things to pack and rolling my clothes can save spaces too especially when I need to pack a thick winter jacket inside my luggage. Haa.. I used to pack my winter jacket inside a vacuum storage bag. It helps a lot.

    So I’ll divide my things into several small bag. The best things is when the luggage weight is over the limit, I can bring out the small bag easily without wasting my time in front of the counter. Plus, I’ll not ashamed either if I suddenly need to bring out all my personal things and undies in front of other passengers. haha..

    I’ll make sure I bring all the medicines. Cut into small pieces and pack it inside small box (my own mini emergency kit). For security, I’ll bring travel money bag and put my money here n there to ensure if anything happen (if being robbed), i’ll still have money to survive.

    1 more thing, don’t forget to take travel insurance in case if anything happens and make sure to make a photocopy of passport, print it for own use and save it inside google drive for example. If your passport is missing, you can show your photocopy 1 and you may download from google drive if the photocopy went missing also. 🙂

    IG username: nadianadiera

  • AishahMazli

    Assalammualaikum and hi! My ultimate travel hack is…

    1. Bring small toiletries and put it in a small bag ??
    2. Plan your outfit! And usually I’ll choose those outfit that needs less iron or ironless! Hahaha. And of course my scarves.
    3. Then, I’ll be rolling my garments like sushi and put them in the bag nicely and male sure everything fits. Sounds delicious isn’t it ? ( S U S H I ) hehe.
    4. Bring travel telekung which it can fit into small spaces and very light! ??
    5. Bring emergency pads! And of course if you’re on period, don’t just put a pack of pads inside your luggage, put them nicely into a small pouch!
    6. Make up! Bring everything that’s essential or just take the travel pack along ?
    7. Shoes. I only wear one comfy shoes and I’m done to go ?? So, I don’t need to pack any shoes ? but if you do, try to avoid bringing wedges or something that’s so thick that can’t fit into your luggage ☺️

    So, that’s all! I’m just a simple girl who only prioritize her scarves when I’m travelling because among make ups and my outerwear, I really obsessed with my scarves. Therefore, I’ll bring EXTRA scraves which I hope TP should choose me as the winner for the TP scarves bag ? I really love the colour and I hope I’ll be the lucky one. In sha Allah.

  • Ajwin Ajeera

    Salam ladies. I was a flight attendant with a middle east airlines company before and I am a Tudung People (read :wears hijab) I would love to share my hacks/ tips with all of you. Before that, I totally agree on all of the TP tips above. I did all of em! It is almost everything! Here is my extra tips :

    1. Always put your clothes in a zip lock bags and vacuum sealed. It will compress your clothes and squuezed out all the air. Believe me you’ll save so many space by doing this. If you wanna pack for home, you can always ask the housekeeping lady to borrow their vacuum. Dont forget to give em extra tips! Remember, travelling ia about to find yourself, make friends and always do good to people.

    2. Bring water in a small spray bottle that can fits your backpack, sling bag everywhere you go (inside the plane or when travel) Sometimes it is so hard to find prayer area and restroom with water as all country is different. You can use the small spray bottle to take wudhuk and pray in the changing room or to clean after your small or big businesses! ?

    3. Always bring a small safety kit (needle and thread, panadols, small sized minyak cap kapak) Helps alot if you smell something not nice in an airplane because your seat might be just behind the lavatory and the flight time is maybe for 8 hours or more… just think about it. Don’t say I dont warn you ?

    Email :
    Instagram : @ajwinajeera

  • Izanin Sofya Mohd Najib

    My Travel Tips
    Salams. I love reading everyone’s tips! Compartmentalise packing is my ultimate packing style. I will pack according to their types:
    – iron-less clothes/shawls (most of them in plain/neutral colours and spice them up with accessories. Pack some solat-ready clothes too!)
    – travel sized toiletries, emergency kit (including some menstrual pads and minyak cap kapak!)
    – a journalling pouch (where I put my itineracy, camera, phone and chargers, travel journal) As much as I enjoy spontaneous walk-around during a travel, I will always have an itinerary of my trip. It is a checklist of places to visit, activities to so, local foods to try (best part of travelling!) and free tours offered (if available) This is to get the best of our trip possible!
    – couple pair of shoes: comfortable ones!
    – I will also pack a small prayer mat, qibla app and a compass app on my phone (my phone will be in my journaling pouch). If I’m traveling abroad I always take a screenshot of the prayer times and directions of that place. Sometimes, when the qibla app is not responsive, I use a compass app and use the direction from the screenshot to manually search the qibla. I always remind myself to try to pray on time and make lots of doa as the doa of the traveller is accepted.
    – a handbag (could be a sling or a backpack too!) where I store my purse, passport and hp. Easy to reach when needed.

    Safe travel TPkitties!

  • Ratina al-mashoor

    Assalamualaikum Boss Kitty & all TP kitties,

    My tips are:

    1. Scan your passport and email it to yourself. This will be helpful in case you lose your passport abroad and i doubt we memorize our passport number. You can log in your email and print a copy of your passport.

    2. Email the Malaysian embassy in the country you are visiting (can be obtained from their official website). Give them details of your travelling buddies and your itinerary. This is to enable the embassy to know your whereabout in case of an emergency such as earth quake.

    Thank you.

    ig: ratinaalmashoor

  • nur amirah

    Always make a list ahead of you,because without the list any unnecessary item might be end up in the bag instead..i dont want to drag my heavy bag to the airport or to the hotel just to bring things im not going to use during the holiday..and another best hack things is to always bring smaller packaging items such as the toiletries so u can just safe space and convenient to bring them in a smaller toiletries bags plus luggage will be more lighter?✈️✈️#travelwillbemorecovenient

  • Nur Azyan

    My favourite travel hack would be to plan my outfit for each day! It definitely gives me less hassle in the morning to decide for what to wear for the day (choosing clothes can be so stressful sometimes ?). And not to forget, always bring extra pins and needles for your scarf as i always tend to lose them little things ?.
    Ig : @azyannzack
    email :

  • Surayah

    My travel hack for trips longer than 7 days or for major shopping trips would be ….. VACUUM PACK! Yes. There are rolled ones to compress or even comes with a pump. This is truly God sent! Saves your luggage space for more clothings to bring and/or shop. It also reduces the overall luggage weight so now you can utilize the whole 30kg/40kg given for checked in baggages! Survived 3 weeks Europe trip with this method and loads of shopping for self and souvenirs included! Yeay!

  • Nurabiah Hajar

    Hi . Heres some of the travel tips that I used , and it did works wonder on me . Recently on my trip to Harbin , my bags were smaller and lighter than the boys in our trip bag :p so I thought maybe this tips gonna be helpful to some of us too.
    1. Always plan your OOTD. Know what to wear as we can avoid ourself for ended up bringing unnecessary and more outfits. Beside makes you to husstle less , it helps to have great OOTD too.
    2. Have you experience having to check in and check out the hotel several times , then require us to do more repacking and suddenly the bag did not fit anymore . Heres the tips . Pack things same . Means each times you repacking, just pack them the same way as before . Apply this principle, always pack less than the bag can fit . Because at the end of the trip, we surely add more things in the bag. Girls power . Hiks.
    3. Have you ever searching the simple things like wet tissue but it make you to pull out everythin in your bag. So what I always do is bag in a bag . For example, I got a small bag for toiletries, a small bag for medicine and a smal bag for cables and gadjet . A bag for makeup and skincare. And a mini bag act as a handbag that I put passport and purse inside. Besides its easy to arrange them in our cabin bag or backpack , it will also save our time by make us easier to reach the things that we want . I really love this as it makes our luggage or backpack look well and neat instead of messy i dont know everything is just everywhere.
    4. Bring zip lock plastics. Bring extra small bag. It will be our life savior one fine day .
    Happy travellin TPKitties . After all, girl will never bring too much things isnt?

  • Nur Basirah Borhanuddin

    Love reading all the tips and comments by other TPs on packing hacks.

    Well as a mother of two (plus their father) packing for our little family for vacation or simply for balik kampung is hard work! Its like the amount of stress packing for one times 3.

    Hahah but a mother got to do what she has to do so here’s my packing tips.

    1) Always always have a list before everything. I sort out what we are going wear from am to pm.
    2)Vacuum sealed bags are lifesaver! Especially if kids are still on diapers. Or for short distance trips, my lifesaver is IKEA Double Ziplock Sealed Bags.
    3)For kids, ill put their clothes in different sealed bags and categorized it with baju pagi, baju main, baju tidur, baju jalan. Each bags is included with their underwear/diapers. Its so time saving and I can even ask their father to dress them by just pointing at what bag to use for the day without have to worry anymore 😉
    4) I live by the sealed bags! I categorized everything from toiletries, meds, crackers, brooch, pen and papers. Well i basically put everything in diff bags hehe.

    So yeah that’s my tips or is it tricks?
    Anyway thank youuu. Definitely will get myself TP Hijab Travel Bag to add up to my collection of sealed/zipped bags.

    Thank you TP! ‘Happy’ packing everyone 😉

    Email :
    Ig : @basirahbatchiwa

  • Nur Faiqah Zulkefli

    My Favourite Packing Hacks:

    I usually have a book I like to read as waiting times at airports can be very long and time-consuming; this could also be on your tablet or iPad as I do tend to read books on Kindle to keep the load light!

    The pen and journal are useful to write your reflections, or on capturing things that you come across whilst travelling, as well as, writing down important information you may need to remember, like directions to a new place when you arrive in the city.

    It is also essential to get yourself a passport holder or have a separate small bag to hold your boarding pass, tickets and passport in. Too often, we find that we are looking everywhere in our handbag to find the passport or boarding pass – and you don’t want to miss the flight if you can’t find it!

    The travel prayer mat is invaluable to me when travelling, especially for long journeys. Alhamdulillah, we are fortunate that many airports and train stations have multi-faith spaces, however, it is essential to carry one so that we don’t miss solat. Mini travel mats are so inexpensive, and usually come with a case and a compass.

    It is also good to have a travel sized Qur’an. Alternatively, Qur’an apps are so accessible, so you can listen to, recite or reflect on verses of the Qur’an whilst travelling.

  • Wan Nurdayana Che Wan Mohd Khair

    I’m a frequent traveller, so maxizing the usage of space in my luggage is my top priority.

    I always:
    1. Downsize my toiletries.
    2. Roll my clothes.
    3. Bring a laundry bag to separate fresh and used clothes.
    4. Bring a portable small electric cooker for times when I need to save cost on food.
    5. Bringing a universal adapter (super important)
    6. Decrease the amount of clothes that I bring when i’ll be doing a lot of shopping. I can just wear what I buy.
    7. Most importantly my SMARTPHONE! It definitely serves as my navigator and camera all in one. Sometimes, bringing a camera is too much of a hassle.
    8. Normally outside of the country they would charge you for sauce packets. So, I would bring some of my own (chilli and tomato sauce packets)
    9. A notebook to note down important information and track down my expenses. Wouldn’t want to over spend.
    10. I would also bring a POCKET Wi-Fi that I could share with my friends. I would save cost on roaming services and would not have to purchase a SIM card just to get data.
    11. Lastly and most importantly is to download OFFLINE MAPS and OFFLINE RAILWAY MAPS of the city. You’ never know when your Wi-Fi could go wrong. ?

    My email: // Instagram: @wan_nurdayana

  • Nur Hakimah Ab Aziz

    My ultimate favourite packing hacks would be, bring outerwears!!! Not just it saves you when the weather is gloomy/too cold/too breezy but it can also helps you wear the same-inners/main shirts repeatedly but gives you different looks! Especially when you go for a looooooong trip, how do we expect to travel light when you’re planning to go for 2 weeks trip? Yes, just wear the same shirt for two or three times, but add your outerwear for a different look. Trust me, it works! ❤️

    With love,
    Email :
    Instagram : hakimahziz

  • shaminy ilaiz

    Okay I commented on a wrong post hahahahaha.
    Nevertheless still wanted to share my travel tips! Seriously if you’re travelling to a foreign country, DONT EVER FORGET TO BRING SAMBAL ALONG just in case the foods there doesn’t suit your taste buds! ?? and as for every other hijabis in this planet, i would bring my mini or foldable iron (stewardess iron) to keep my clothes and ESPECIALLY SCARVES neat and clean! Perhaps tudung people can start selling rosegold foldable iron to matchy matchy with the travel bag after this hehe ??
    IG : shaminyilaiz
    Email :

  • Aqilah Hamdan

    Hello girls!
    As for me, it’s crucial when it comes to pack things for any vacay. Well, obviously you don’t want to miss any of your favourite item rite? So, here comes the basic rule in packing goods.

    1) ROLL ‘EM UP!
    Yessss. This is it. We’ll get even mooooore space by doing this. Just roll your clothes(like a sushi) and arrange it neatly side by side.

    And last but not least, ofcourse you don’t want to burden yourself with heavyweight things rite? So, I’ll definitely bring my traveled size toiletries to minimise my used space for other things (souvenirs). 😉

    IG: aqilahamdan_

  • Alia Amiruddin

    Since I always go back and forth to KUL-AOR because I studied in Kedah. I think the most annoying thing in this world in packing and unpacking because it is very ‘“leceh’ to me.

    When I go to class, I would always wear my TP Hawa because it has the best material for everyday casual wear and TP Hawa does not get messy easily because the material of TP Hawa will secure throughout the whole day. As TP scarf bag can pack up to 8 scarf it will be easy for me to pack and unpack my luggage. The detachable compartment that included in the scarf bag will make it easier for me to put all of my pins and magnet pin.

    As for my traveling tips, I found that instead of fold your clothes you have to roll it because it can save a lot of space. Next, I always bring travel size skincare or makeup products or put it in small containers because it also can save a looooot of space instead of bring your full size products. Any liquid formula, I always put a very thin plastic before I close the lid because it will avoid any leakage. Other than that, always bring your facial spray to keep you glow and fresh throughout the day and I always bring my facial wipes to remove my makeup because it is easier to use wipes instead of bring cotton pads and makeup remover. Lastly, the most important thing to me whenever you travel are you have to bring your pillow neck so you can avoid from hurting your neck and always always bring mineral water to keep you hydrated and bring any gums or mint to keep you energized!! So that is my tips whenever I go to travel!!

    Instagram: @aliaamiruddin

  • Aishah Nasaruddin

    This post sure does makes me miss travelling alott. My best travel tips/hacks are

    1. Bringing an extension plug with an international adapter (cause you have so many things to charge ie; phone, camera, powerbank and so many people wanna charge). It also helps ease the tension between travelmates when theres only few plugs in the room. Hee

    2. I use vacuum bags & rolll my clothes for space.

    3. I bring mini pouch with a string to hang around my neck. I put small change/phone ( to avoid snatch thieves) sometimes we dont realise when they re picking your pocket.

    4. Wettisueeeeee is a must.

    5. My wires/toiletries/hijab accesories are in ziplock bags. Easy to see. Easy to find.

    6. Must have foods : mcd/kfc chili sauce packs saved from previous meals, samba ikan bilis kering, serunding. Can always eat anywhere even with just bread.

    7. Always carry an empty water bottle & spray bottle. Boleh jimat banyakkk whoaaa hehe & ease you to take ablution.

    8. I learnt this one last year during my after graduation trip : offline maps. They help so much!

    9. always do research bfore travelling so that i make the best out of the trip.

    Like smtimes i choose to find a hostel that serves breakfast cause later can tapau roti and eat with sambal ikan bilis. #cheapskate #ziplockforlife

    Or maybe choose a hostel/airbnb which is nearer to the tourist spots. Smetimes its a bit expensive but comparing to all the transportation fee. Walking is free.

    I hopeeee everybody who are replying to this post gets to travel to their destinations this year. Amin heee

  • Nur Farrah Anima Bt Muhammad


    I always practice this since im a frequent traveller. Surprisingly, as the years go by, packing has been my favorite part of the travelling itself. I didn’t know why&how but it is very therapeutic indeed?

    1.Buy zipper lock from Daiso & vacuum it so that you will save more space!

    2. I’ll make sure to have travel set for my skincare routine&makeup so that it will be less hustle for me (I’m that type of person who wanted to bring everything tho)

    3.I always roll my inners&tudung since I couldnt find any suitable travel bag for my tudung and I am very excited to see your post that u guys have finally come up with a spacious&pretty travel bag OMG

    This is my secret for light-travel. I love reading all the comments, might as well try some later on. Hehe

    Tq for this giveaway! #iwishtowin ?

    ig username : @farrahanima

  • nadia lisa

    wow! so much travel hacks and tips from everyone. before i got married, everything was well organized. But now that I have 2 kids, everything become much messier. i sometime have to simply throw and selit my hijab everywhere cause no space management.

    so since last few vacations, i found tips below works wonder as a mother of 2:
    1) fold and put kids clothes inside their diapers per pair(pants type is the best). so at the same time I’m saving my time thinking of what they have to wear.
    2) i pack my clothes the same way, except that my innerwear is inside the the clothes (panties,bra,pantyliner if needed)
    3) always bring basic medication – u never know when u will fall sick and it is not that convenient to go for medical advise outside from the country- and super expensive too.
    4) lightweight telekung/prayer mat -when travelling with kids, u really want to reduce any extra weight as much as possible.
    5) ironless clothes/hijab of course! haha
    6) always bring a bigger size of bag so u have some space for shopping items!
    7) bring along snacks/colouring books/toys if your are travelling with kids. they do get hungry and they will be just like adults who tantrum when hungry. hahaha. don’t forget tissue/wet tissue too.

    that’s all. 😀

  • Nur Fariza

    Planning your outfit aheadd!!!
    This is really important because you need to make sure its instagramable!!!!!!
    Whether your visit is hinder because of
    whether or not you still need your outfit to be ONPOINT!! ???

  • Nurul afiqah

    Be ensure that bring enough body lotion when travelling to dry air places, and make sure your most favourite hijab is available in your luggage as you can take the most gorgeous picture of OOTD of yours during your trip! Put your stress aside and enjoy the trip 🙂

  • Siti Mariam

    Hi Tudungpeople,
    what i would always bring is an extension cord as you only need 1 portable charger but you can charge more than one device. And the best part, you don’t need to hunt the entire hotel for missing plugs or wires.?


  • Huda Rosli

    Hi TudungPeople!

    I seriously can’t agree more with your travel tips/hacks.

    For me, I think planning out on what you wanted to wear is the most important. Well, you wouldn’t want to bring mismatch clothes and hijabs right? I always match my TudungPeople hijabs with each of my outfit for that certain day. And bring extras ( who knows we might travel longer)

    I am actually not that neat in packing my clothes. I usually put my pants, clothes and undies first, then I just stuff my hijabs in any small space available. I’ve realized thats really not good for my TP babies. I’m hoping this pretty bag can help me in putting my babies to the place they deserve! Trust me, they deserve the world. xoxo


    ig: hudarosli_

  • Amirah

    My best travel tip is to pack neutral coloured shawls (like black, white, beige, cream, grey, pink) so you can wear them with any of your outfits. You can also mix and match to make cute colour combination, which would give you more outfit options!!!! Perfect for when you need to pack light 🙂 Bonus points if the shawls are made from wrinkle free material like Safaa!!! ?

    Ig @mirainaa

  • HanisZ

    My travel tip/hack would be
    1. Bring plastic bags! So u can put in dirty clothes, wrap any bottles that contain liquid if worried they may spill later.
    2. Bring clothes and scarves that can mix n match!
    3. Bring an extra pants/jeans and shirt and inner wear ? just in case anything unexpected happens. Also bring extra sock if going to cold places just in case if it gets a bit too chilly!?
    4. Bring sunglasses so you can utilize them fully for days you don’t wanna wear a full makeup or any at all.?
    5. Bring headphones so you can listen to music when waiting for a bus or in the plane or whenever. ?
    6. Bring power bank so your phone won’t run out of battery and you can take all the selfies and vids of your vacay!??
    7. Bring a small sewing kit complete with safety pins and extra buttons because you never know when accidents happen! ?
    8. Bring some basic medicines such as panadol, minyak angin, band aid too. ??
    9. Have money divided and stashed in few different places when traveling overseas so that you’ll always have some money no matter what! Also won’t be too worried about money if you become a victim to pick-pockets! ??

    Hrmm can’t quite think of others as this post is great as it is! ??
    Maybe this list is getting bit too long. But hey my friends would always be rest assured if they were traveling with me! ?

    IG: hanis_shauqi

  • Aienzarir

    Well yeah the fodable duffle bag is my most favourite and life saver during travel. My mother taught me to always carry the fodable duffle bag and indeed this tips win. I personally never enough one or two luggage cause I definitely want to carry my whole wardrobe ? so those fodable duffle bag ease my travel stress.

    IG: @aienzarir

  • Arfah Radzuan

    Hi! I love love love to travel and I travel a lot. My travel tips, based on my experience, medicine is very important to keep you healthy to explore places. It’s small and light – easy to bring along inside your handbag. And don’t forget to bring “Pil Chi Kit Teck Aun” or any diarrhea pills just in case because it happened to me once and I think bringing them with me is the best decision I’ve ever made!

    IG: arfahradzuan

  • rashidah binti omar

    From an efficiency point of view, you’d at least want all of your perfume, sunblock, and lotion bottles safely kept in a TP HIJAB TRAVEL BAG spill-resistant bag in your carry-on or checked luggage. Because, let’s face it, the last thing you’d want is to open your suitcase to find out your coconut oil sunscreen exploded all over your clothes.
    Whether you’re leaving for a short weekend trip or embarking on a longer adventure, a TP HIJAB TRAVEL BAG
    is a packing essential.

    ig: rashidahomar

  • Huda Maisarah

    If I’m travelling, I’d definitely plan up my outifts ahead ! With a few extra clothes in case if any ‘accidents’ will happen along the trip. Also, I’d bring along some hangers to hang my scarfs since the hotel has limited or no hangers at all ! And definitely ironless clothes !

  • Syimah ismali

    Assalamualaikum and Hi TP teams and tpkitties! I absolutely agree with your travel tips! Thats what I did everytime I travel! Some people tend to bring few of their items, for example those who have lots of $ hehe as they prefer to buy clothes, toileteries and extra bags/luggage once they arrive to their destinations..but~some are not! Including me! Haha? I tend to plan my outfits for each day/activities (tho sometimes i pack extra cz i can be bipolar?).make sure to roll them so we can have more spaces for others! Make sure to bring slippers/sandals as well as medicine, especially minyak angin! Apart from that bring mee cups and 100 plus soft drink (in case u have gastrict and medicine does not help). I hate when my clothes and SHAWLS Make sure to bring travel iron as some hotels dont provide this! ( Brings this only if ur hotel stated that they dont provide it-of course cari la information dekat hotel website tu dulu hehe) I hate when my clothes and SHAWLS kedut! So to avoid my shawls rosak, i tend to put it at the very top of everything haha..but now I guess with this hijab travel bag I can put all my shawls inside it and others such as pins,makeup and skincare in it! ?? Ohh ya..dont forget to brings ur skincare and p*d hahaha penting tu but make sure all ur toileteries and skincare well sealed! Now i miss packing time~~~~

    Email :
    Ig :

  • Syazana Mohammad

    Whenever I travel, be it near or far, for long or short period of time, I always plan ahead the outfit from head to toe, inside out, for each day.

    If I need to travel light, I’ll make sure that I wore the heaviest outfit (e.g. jeans and sport shoes) on the departure day and pack the lighter ones inside the bag.

    Another tips to travel light, is to plan the outfit so that you can re-use the same piece of clothing (e.g. jeans/pants/palazo/cardigan) but match it with different (and fancier) tudung and/or shirt/cardigan, so that you don’t have to bring lots of heavy clothing.

    For charging your gadgets, just bring multiple port USB charger so you don’t have to bring different charger for all your apple/android/camera gadgets. 1 head fits them all!

    Don’t forget to bring a foldable duffle beg in case you need that extra luggage to bring home those souvenirs ?

  • Najihah

    I love to roll and fold all my clothes to save space cause its always not enough ? dont forget to separate your essentials in a separate compartments so that u can take it easily when u need it. it works for me ?
    one more thing, i always have a small makeup pouch in my handbag. I need to be ready all the time cause who knows I will meet my JODOH. I dont have perfect flawless skin so I need to conceal my flaws with makeup. Makeup makes me confident to face people and I need that for selfies

  • Fazliana

    My favourite travelling tip is to bring lots of wet wipes. It can do wonders. From wiping your hands, your children’s hands, your face, removing make up,restaurant tables and chairs, and even wiping your shawl from any dirt. Simple tip but very useful!

  • Inez


    My travel tips are:

    – I usually travel with my family, so I will pack half my stuff and half of my husband’s in 2 luggages. Just in case 1 luggage goes missing, you’ll still have half your stuff with you.
    – Always pack lots of wipes and anti-bacterial hand solution in your carry on. So useful for so many things especially when you’ve got young children.
    – Bring along some generic medication with you from home, just in case of headaches and other minor ailments.
    – I usually have a bottle of Young Essentials Stress Away with me – works wonders!
    – Always always enjoy yourselves on your travels. Don’t sweat the small stuff 🙂

  • Nina Ghazali

    I like trekking and hiking! So for these kind of activities, of course I need to plan my clothes. My other trick is to use old clothes, so that I can just get rid of the bajus after that. Lighter bag after and more space for souvenirs for my family and friends (more like reasons to shop haha)!

  • Mardhiah Ezanee

    Hi TP kitties, I just wanna share my travel essential. Bring along plug extension ! ?

    With the current world of gadgets, we need more socket to charge our gadgets isnt it ? If u notice, any hotel or air bnb, sometimes they provide limited socket plug, and if u go to India the socket is belah atas of the wall (like wth?) So, if u bring along your own plug extension, it helps alot and dh tak payah nk berebut plug with your travel buddy. Everyone can charge at the same time!

    Just make sure it has protection surge will do. Hope this helps! ?

  • Justine Shahirah

    My travel tips:

    1. Always pack a foldable handbag. At times your kids milk/juices/milo etc or even your bottled drink might spilled in your handbag. To ensure that it is properly dried up, you just need to leave it dry and go out without the handbag. So the spare foldable handbag will come in handy instead of the recycle foldable bag type.

    2. Thermometer! Falling sick especially if you are having fever during your vacation is really frustrating. With the thermometer you could easily monitor your temperature. Very important and convenient to bring it along if you have kids.

    Justine Shahirah
    Ig – justineshahirah
    Email –

  • Nur Fateha

    Hi TP ❤️

    My favourite packing hack for traveling is to put toiletries, makeup items and sometimes foods into zip lock plastic bags before I put it all in my bag. In case if my foundation, shampoo or body wash leaks , it would not ruin my clothes and my bag. I had a bad experience with my foundation last time when traveling, I put it in my cosmetic bag (fabric type without plastic lining), I didn’t expect it to ‘burst’ ? I opened the bag, my jeans, clothes and my cosmetic bag got foundation marks all over them.

    Since that, I will always put everything inside zip lock bag first. As for this beautiful TP scarf bag, I think I have to put my scarves inside zip lock bag before the bag itself, then secure the bag with another bigger zip lock bag. Protection ladies ?

  • Syafiqa Aiman

    My favourite packing hack is making a list! It’s like you need to plan first or you fail to plan.

    You need to jot down the important things to bring to the not so important thing. It is a must to bring medicine as simple as panadol #noneedtobuy #mahalkatnegaraorang #typicalasian haha ?

    ig @syafiqaaiman

  • Nusrah Abd Rashid

    Rolling my clothes and hijab really do wonders every time i travel. Not only it takes less spaces, I find that my clothes and hijab are exactly the way it is during packing. This tip ensures that I can spend more time exploring my new surrounding instead of spending too much times getting ready every day.

    Nusrah Abd Rashid
    IG: nusrah_abdrashid

  • Naswa

    One part of travelling that i dislike is that I just cant bring my whole cliset with me. So i try to get most of what i can. Especially hijabwise. I always fold my jubah with a shawl in it. And my favourite is stuffing shawls into my shoes that i pack well i ofcourse put them in a zip lock bag before doing so.

  • lady lisa

    my travel hacks is downsize the toiletries because sometimes i always wonder is it enough for me along the travel. So i try my best to choose small size for my sympoo n showerfoam. ig ladylisaa_official

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