Finding Beauty in the unexpected – Part 2

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In  a kind of spur of the moment decision, Bak and I decided to book a new years holiday to Turkey, a place that has been on our bucket lists for the longest time.

I was a bit skeptical at traveling in the middle of winter, but arriving there, everything was just breathtakingly beautiful. A humbling reminder to me that although winter is often cold and grey, if you look hard enough, you’ll find that it is a unique kind of beauty, severe and calm at the same time.

This is exactly the kind of unexpected beauty that inspired the LE Bohemian series, and the perfect setting for us to introduce the second chapter of this love story.

Cappadocia is just a treasure trove of wonders – The landscape itself is almost unreal! Getting lost in the little alleys between the hills in the middle of winter is only a little bit scary hehe! This is the first new colour of LE Bohemian 2.0, something very subtle which reminds me of the stark beauty of winter.
My first stop is Goreme Open Air Museum. It contains the finest of the unique rock-cut churches, with beautiful frescoes (wall paintings) whose colors still retain all their original freshness. The tour guide told me that most of the caves in Cappadocia are dwellings & churches by the ancient Christians who ran away from Rome Empire.

Visited a traditional craft centre and it’s amazing to see the level of detail and effort that goes into producing these heirloom pieces. It’s this kind of dedication and detail I hope to instill in all of TudungPeople designs, inshaAllah!
Looking out from one of the many scenic viewpoints around Goreme and it’s just mindblowing to imagine how people used to live in this incredible place! If you ever get a chance to come here, please do, you won’t regret it!

LE Bohemian Black Truffle

Stay tuned for part 3!

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